Humanitarian help for Mykolayiv region during the war
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Mykolayiv region. Area - 24,598 km2. For comparison, it's ten times the area of Luxembourg. Population of our region - 1 090 492 people. It's more than the population of the whole Amsterdam. We are many and we need your help in each part of the region.
We are at the place we got to be. We believe ardently in the same things millions of ukrainians believe in - justice and our victory. We help people, who need it, in native Mykolayiv.

We ride through the city under shelling during intervals between sirens. To get and acquire everything needed, pack it and deliver to the place where it's waited for. Also support and hug, this is very important too.

At this time another part of our team is working out new and more requests. It goes this way every day.
Everything will certainly be Ukraine!❤️
Our results for the month
During the month we organized adjusted teamwork. Each volunteer is responsible for his tasks, so processing and delivering are as fast as possible.
Every day we got to complete 70+ tasks from different areas of support. We communicate directly with people, know personal needs, therefore collect rescue packages for every one individually.
Our operators process requests diligently, conscientiously to help those, who really need help, get it.
[ sleeping bags produced ]
[ volunteers ]
[ ready lunches delivered ]
[ plate carriers and unloading systems ]
[ tasks done ]
Everyone who has the desire and the resource can help.
We report regularly for every penny spent via our socials and site.
How to help us?
Transfer funds:
Range of activity
Support to the hospitals
Providing hospitals and maternity hospitals with medications and medical equipment
Villages and communities
We collect everything we can help with: goods for children, hygiene products, food, medicine.
Moms with children
Providing moms with kids with baby food, diapers, medicine, food, hygiene products, clothes.
Manuphacturing plate carriers and unloading systems
Providing our militaries with unloading vests, bulletproof vests, plate carriers and sleeping bags is one of our areas of responsibility.
Support to the army and territorial defense
Purchasing military ammunition: shoes, thermal underwear, walkie-talkies, components for producing of bulletproof vests etc
People with disabilities
We help people with disabilities searching for necessary medication, bringing food, hygiene products.
Our Team
This is a public initiative. We are not a state or budget organization.

Glory to Ukraine!
What is your area of actions? [01]
⦁ medication for warriors and citizens of the region;
⦁ ammunition for our militaries: shoes, thermal underwear, walkie-talkies, components for producing of bulletproof vests;
⦁ food for our fighters and citizens of the city and suburbs (elder people and people with disabilities in the first place).
What should I send? [02]
Mykolaiv is in critical need of:

⦁ medicine, mainly tactical;
⦁ food for long-term storage, in convenient packaging, that doesn't require cooking and preferably high-calorie;
⦁ baby food;
⦁ products of personal hygiene.

03 What is not worth sending? [03]
⦁ We don't receive clothes - we've got enough of it. Water is also not worth sending.
How can I help? [04]
You can send help to our storage in Mykolayiv by mail, truck or deliver it personally.
You can also donate money to our fund - it will be spent on targeted procurement of the most needed items.

In addition, you can become a volunteer and help us at the storage in Mykolayiv.

We will be grateful for sharing information about us on social media as well, full link to our site is obligatory. More people will know about us this way.

Thank you!

Completed requests
Together we are strong enough to overcome any challenges!
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We are in Mykolayiv but can't share the exact address for security reasons, so contact us on social media.
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